Accelerate is the second event of the MIT $100K. As its name suggests, Accelerate helps early-stage teams build out their ideas with the support of industry experts and experienced entrepreneurs.

Starting in Winter 2019, MIT Accelerate will serve to highlight the progress that MIT-founded businesses have made throughout the year. All companies, including those involved in other MIT accelerators, are encouraged to apply for the chance to introduce their business to the broader entrepreneurial community


Congratulations to DUO, winner of the 2019 Accelerate Audience Choice Award, in memory of Danny Lewin from Akamai Technology.

Encora and Hikma Health will join DUO in advancing directly to the Launch semi-finals.

Event Details

  • MIT Media Lab on Tuesday, February 12th

  • 6-7: VIP Reception; 30 teams will set up booths in the broader reception area where students, investors, and business professionals will be invited to engage with the companies

  • 7-8: Presentations: 10 teams will be chosen to also introduce their business to the audience through an on-stage presentation

  • 8-9:30: General Reception; event attendees can continue to visit competitors’ booths to learn more about their work and use their tokens to vote for the Audience Choice award, the winner of which will receive $10,000 in non-dilutive funding to use at their discretion. In addition, three teams with the highest number of audience votes will be automatically entered into the semi-finals of MIT $100K Launch 2019


  • In addition to the opportunity to promote their business, participants will receive mentorship and financial support as needed to help develop marketing materials for the event and facilitate further growth:

    • Up to $1,000 in funding will be given to each team (as needed)

    • Each team can be paired with a graphic designed to help develop professional-level promotional materials (upon request)

    • Teams can also be paired with industry-specific professional for broader mentorship and business planning (as needed and given availability)


Teams must have an MIT-affiliated co-founder and must not have received equity funding outside of the founding team or non-equity funding in excess of $150,000.

There are countless startups in the MIT community and tremendous opportunities for support from the broader university; $100K Accelerate aims to highlight the progress and success of MIT’s wonderful entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Thank you to our Accelerate Judges:

Akber Malik • Anjali Midha • Arjun Mendhi • Caitlin Reiche • Cecelia Shao • Chris Mannion • David Shaughnessy • Diana Alcala • Dr. Amit Sinha • Dr. Eric J. Wilhelm • Dr. Richard A. Blanchard • Dr. Winston S. Fu • Eugene Khazan • George Psyhojos • Helen R. Zelman • Ira Turner • James Alcorn • Jeff Gushard • John Buten • John Craig Whaley • Jungwon Byun • Karen Donoghue • Karl Ruping • Kevin Liu • Matt Tully • Matthew Stellmaker • Michael Shirrell • Michele Berg • Minal Mehta • Morgan Blake • Anastasios E. Gianakakos • Erdong Chen • Erik D. Larson • Jeremy D. Rishel • Jon Xu • Julian N. Nikolchev • Soo-Ah Landa • Thomas M. Stepien • Pratima B.Rao • Nancy Hua • Neil Gupta • Owen Johnson • Pablo Barcena • Rizwan Virk • Sam Clemens • Satoshi Harris-Koizumi • Stefanie Pluschkell • Stephen Boyer • Tatyana Abyzov • Yolanda Virk • Yonni Shelmerdine • Zaid Al Hamami

to our Accelerate Mentors:

Michele Barnett Berg • Andrew Silverman • Jerrold Shapiro • Stefanie Beate Pluschkell • John Gauch • Sheetal Bansal • Beth Zonis • Mitri Abou-Rizk • John Buten • Frank Honore • Durga Pandey • Inna Lobel • Tani Chen • David Morczinek

and to our Graphic Designers:

Eke M. Wokocha • Kevin Yu • Emilio Ramos • Fito Facussé • Angie Door • Farah Abu-Arja • Katherine Paseman • Kiran Wattamwar • Manya Gupta • Yue Wu • Jeremy Merle • Salina Brown • Guanyi Wang • Nicolas Ayoub • Yi Tong Zhang • Gracie Villa • Joy Fan