Concise persuasiveness is key. All professional writing must be a brief recommendation of action with only the most pertinent assessment of facts to support.

Make the logical flow of your presentation clear to your audience. Sentences must flow from one to the next. Paragraphs should have a singular idea and be brief.

“Know where you are headed or any road will take you there,” according to Prof. Chris Gale of UVA. Make sure that you have a goal in mind for your audience. All of your presentation should gear the audience up for what will come eventually. Stay in the driver’s seat and direct your audience through the entire presentation. You’ll know you are effective when the audience arrives at the same alternatives and conclusions.

Preparation and practice are key to successful presentations. It’s only your future, your idea, your business. You can never be too prepared!

Modified from the original courtesy of Professor Marco Protano, HULT International Business School